Picking The Right Otter Box Cell Phone Case

otter-boxIf you have not heard of the Otter cell phone case, you need to read this. If you have heard of them and are wondering which one to buy, this is important information. If you already have an Otter case you need to read this because the chances are you will be buying a new smartphone in the near future and should keep up with all the latest Otter options of smartphone cases.

The short version of what an Otter case is: it may be the best investment you make regarding your smartphone. If you have purchased a smartphone, whether it is an Apple or an Android, and are making monthly payments over the next two years on it, you are probably paying hundreds of dollars for it. The question is what is it worth for you to keep that several hundred dollar phone protected from damage and breakage.

That is why Otter cases exist. They are worth every cent you pay for them since everyone will accidentally drop their smartphone at one time or another. So the decision that remains to be made is which of the models best suits your needs. Whether you have an iPhone or a Droid style, Otter has a solution for you.

First, if you want to make a fashion statement or just look cool, Otter phone case come in a number of colors.

Next, consider there are 8 different Otter series of cases to choose from. The Defender series offers the most protection and includes a screen protector surrounded by a soft shell on the inside and a hard shell on the outside. The Symmetry series is a one piece unit that protects your phone and leans more towards style than protection. And for those who like the look and feel of leather there is the Strada series. All offer the best impact protection for your smartphone.

The truth is, you have to actually buy one and put it in use to see why so many people make it their number one choice for smartphone protection. There are other models other than those mentioned, so depending on your specific needs for a carrying case you might prefer one of the other available models. Be sure to shop on line and get the best deal you can with the best information from consumer reviews.

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